Student Films

(writer, producer, director)

In the near future, brain implants called Talent Scouts have provided a way for people to easily enhance and maintain their creative abilities. A singer and an actor meet in a bar and discuss the impact their Scouts have had on their lives.

Electronic Media, Arts & Communications thesis project.
Created as part of the Science Fictions class at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Spring 2012.

 “Dream Man”
(writer, animator)

A textual animation that seeks to capture the energy and passion of slam poetry through the use of kinetic typography.

1st Place Winner, McKinney Contest 2012 – Electronic Media.

“Love Story”
(writer, director)

This is the story of a girl, but it is not a story about the girl.

Intermediate Video final project, Spring 2010.
1st Place Winner, McKinney Contest 2011 – Electronic Media

(writer, director)

A girl’s internal struggle with the experience of realization and apology, told in six shots.

Intermediate Video project, Spring 2010.

“Dance Party”
(writer, director)

Can the toys save their friends after a dance party gone wrong?

Media Studio: Imaging stop motion animation project, Spring 2010.